Do not come to Europe

We want a world in which everyone enjoys living in their own home.

Europe is seen by many migrants as paradise and the place of hopes and dreams. More and more people from the African continent are therefore making their way to Europe’s shores, accepting many dangers and financial deprivations. Once they arrive in Europe, however, this dream quickly evaporates. The job prospects are poor. Long asylum procedures and a confusing bureaucracy. Wealth and prosperity quickly become an illusion for many migrants to Europe.

We want to raise awareness that the journey to Europe cannot be an option and that Africa, as a growing continent with better economic prospects than 40 years ago, needs young, committed and energetic men and women to build an existence among their loved ones, their friends and their homeland.



the journey is dangerous. European politicians lure migrants to European countries in the hope that they will then set off on dangerous crossings in rubber dinghies across the Mediterranean. Already thousands have tragically drowned in these attempts. Instead of false promises, we want to tell you the truth.


once you have made it to Europe, the difficulties are not over. There aren’t many well-paid jobs waiting for you, and at the same time you have to live with the uncertainties of long asylum procedures and a lot of bureaucracy.


the journey is expensive. You will certainly have already calculated the costs of a possible trip to Europe. But you also need to know that many people want to make a lucrative business out of your false hopes. The traffickers will take your personal belongings and will not take responsibility for you. If you can’t pay, they will not refrain from torture and slavery in countries like Libya.


your country needs you! We can understand your hopes and dreams of a better life in Europe. But if Africa’s best minds emigrate to Europe, the African continent will lose its last remaining potential.

Our demands to
European politicians


Africa needs more special economic and trade zones where European companies can build up local industries and service sectors on a large scale.


we firmly reject any cultural and value-based interference by the West in the affairs of African countries.


specific and targeted infrastructure programmes instead of scattergun approaches where funds and aid end up in the pockets of corrupt politicians.


economic and educational ambassadors who identify and generously support talented minds with their own entrepreneurial ideas on the ground in Africa and accompany them at all stages of their economic livelihood development.


a clear and unambiguous education campaign on the dangers and false illusions of migration to Europe.


international task forces and special police units in the fight against trafficking in human beings.

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